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If you’re using Android or iOS and are an app-addict, you’ll constantly be checking the Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store for new and upcoming apps. However, if you’re searching for any particular app, you might want to check out Appszito.


Utilizing its enhanced Relational Algorithm search system, Appszito’s state of the art Relational Algorithm search platform can easily provide you a quick result on ratings, reviews and available platforms for mobile apps and even the most up to date deals for iOS and Android apps.

This means that you don’t get unrelated searches first, but apps that actually match the keywords you search for. Additionally, it does a wider search fi you use more than one keyword to give you an even larger variety of search results

The search engine is still new and is gradually being developed by the team as appszito. A simple dropdown in the search box will allow you to choose between only iPhone, iPad or Android apps, so if you’re picky you can quickly filter your results.

And, if you’re looking for some good deals on paid apps, check out iOS Apps Deals or Android Apps Deals. Go ahead, give appszito a shot and let me know what you think about the search engine.

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