Search And Play Youtube Videos Within Chrome

Are you a Google Chrome user? Are you a YouTube frequenter? If you answered yes to both those questions, then today’s post of ours will surely be of interest to you.
Every time y

ou need to view a video, you leave your current webpage, head on over to YouTube, search for the right video, and play it. Does that process seem a little lengthy to you? What if there is information on the current page which you want to keep visible while you watch the video you are searching for?

Those questions entered the mind of one Chrome extensions developer and he/she created what we know as YouSearch.

YouSearch is an amazingly innovative extension for the Google Chrome browser that seamlessly integrates YouTube with Chrome. Firstly, after installing the extension you will notice a new icon with the YS in Chrome’s address bar.

When this icon is clicked, a search box appears as shown in the image below:

With this search bar, we can search for YouTube videos without leaving our current webpage. This search bar is actually sort of a YouTube search engine. The results are shown neatly in the same window. I searched for one of my longtime favorite bands, Joy Division and such was the image of my results:

Our webpage is still open and the information on it can be easily viewed. To play a video, we simply click on a search result and it will start playing in the same drop down window:

One shortcoming that I observed was that when the open webpage was clicked or another window opened, the browsing data in the extension would be lost. So if a video is loading and you leave the Chrome window (open some other window) you will have to start over with the search.

If the developer succeeds to recognize this hole and remedies it, then this extension will surely be the best one facilitating Chrome YouTube users.

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