Schedule Your Tweets For the next 2 days with TwitMessenger

Twitter is definitely one of the most powerful social media network that is attracting thousands of users towards itself on a daily basis. One of the very obvious ways to make a network better is by providing additional tools for getting things done fast.

Today, I have stumbled upon another Twitter application that allows you to schedule your tweets for future. TwitMessenger publishes your scheduled tweets automatically.  The whole process is quiet simply. All you have to do is

  • Log on to TwitMessenger and login using your Twitter account details.
  • A new page will show up that will let you schedule a new tweet. Type your text in the content box
  • The scheduling can be done for one hour interval starting from 1 hour to maximum of 48 hours.


If by any chance you have scheduled a tweet and later you decide that you don’t want to post that message then you always have the option to delete your scheduled tweet any time.

With TwitMessenger, you can schedule multiple tweets as well. The service will probably come in handy when you are going away from the computer for a day or two and still want to update your followers with important tasks,

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