Schedule PC Shutdown with Shutdown After

It can be quite a problem if you want your system to restart at 4pm but you know you will not be home at that time to restart the PC. In such situations, when you cannot be where your computer is, a third party software can help you schedule the tasks you want to take place at specific times.

A perfect example of one such software is Shutdown After.


With a size of only 1.5 MB, this nifty program is a freeware that downloads in a jiffy.

The interface is extremely simple to familiarize yourself with. You can choose from a series of actions to be performed after a specified time period or at a certain time.


Shutdown After can also be used to assign hotkeys to these functions (shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby, logoff). You can save time by simply pressing the shutdown hotkeys instead of first clicking ‘Start’ then choosing to shut down your system.

A very simple and straightforward application, Shutdown After does exactly what it’s meant to do and facilitates its users. If you’re looking for a way to schedule your shutdown/restart related tasks, then Shutdown After is the perfect option to go with.

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