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Get royalty free stock images from PicJumbo

As a blogger the biggest challenge I face is finding good relevant images for my blog posts. There are quite a few free stock image websites out there. One relatively new one raising its head is Picjumbo. picjumbo Picjumbo is operated by Viktor Hanacek, who is a webdesigner by profession, and definitely an amazing photographer. The site is still relatively new but contains a collection of high quality images in various categories including technology, people, architecture, etc. The photos are completely free to use even in your commercial works.

If you’re planning on using these images in your commercial projects, do consider buying Victor a coffee and attributing the images to him. [Via: Webdesigner Depot]


  1. I checked out picJumbo.. they seem to have a limited collection.. i feel images.google.com is still the best resource

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