Review and Catalog all of your installed fonts with MyFontBook

It’s no mystery that many apps are moving onto the web instead of a Harddisk as their permanent location, the same holds true for today’s app. is an online font browser that scans your PC for all your installed fonts and then it catalogs them in one place utilizing a nifty font preview by default.

MyFontBook offer services that allows you to tag and rate your fonts thus allowing you search faster and more easily for fonts that you like and/or frequently use and to take things further the application goes into the realm of typo-geek allowing you controls such as the Glyphs viewer (an option that searches through characters/symbols and will actually match a font particular font design and retrieve it from your collection)

So if you’re searching for that funky looking double quote sign to use in your blog but cant remember the fonts name  don’t fret, just put in the character you want and search away, the web app will bring up the font that matches the shape you want.


To round it all off, MyFontBook gives you Metrics to give you an idea of letter spacing and line heights, a proof sheet (several style samples) , the option switch between list and swatch views , Speedy font rendering and lastly – you don’t install anything, its all run from within your browser. The cherry to this typographical cake? Its free and you don’t have to sign up. Although I’d highly recommend it since signing up ensures that your font tags and other preferences are saved.


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