Resize Magic: A great app to scale down images while maintaining their quality

Being a blogger myself, I know how important it can be to size down images. I often have to resize images so that they fit within the site layout. But the problem with resizing images is keeping their quality intact. The quality almost invariably goes down each time you resize an image.

Fortunately however, I have found a freeware program that has helped resize images while maintaining a picture quality that is viewable. This freeware is “Resize Magic.”

Resize Magic is a freeware compatible with Windows computers. The freeware comes as a standalone application although it can also be downloaded as a paid plug-in for Photoshop. The setup file for the standalone application is nearly 1MB large and installs in a jiffy.

After you have the program installed and running, you can reduce the sizes of JPEG image files while greatly maintaining picture quality. You can select a source folder and then batch resize the images.

Resizing can be done by specifying the width, height, or percentage of the image’s size. You can also select the detailed interpolation settings from Smoother, Normal, or Sharper.

I resized a large image using Microsoft Office Picture Manager; here is what resulted:

You can see most of the text is distorted and not readable. Now here is the resizing result I got from Resize Magic.

Relatively, the text is much less distorted and more readable. Better examples of how the results of Resize Magic compare against the results of other programs can be seen here.

Resize Magic can be downloaded from its official website


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