Remarkably Speed Up Your uTorrent Download Speed

uTorrent is arguably the best torrents client currently available. With a supremely compact memory footprint, it keeps to itself and lets us carry on our task at hand. It also offers better speeds than other torrent clients while having a simplistic (but not ugly) user interface and many adjustable options. There is a good chance that if you use torrents, you are a uTorrent user.

But even though all of us quite satisfied with uTorrent’s performance, there is no reason we cannot strive to make it better. Recently uTorrent announced that it will be introducing a new feature to its upcoming version: the ability to preview our downloading videos such that we can stream them as we download. This step is proof of something that developers always know: no matter how great a program, it can always be made better.

In case of torrent clients, the most significant feature that can be improved is to get the maximum speed possible which our torrent client can squeeze out of our internet connection. uTorrent’s downloading speed can be remarkably increased by a tiny little freeware titled uTorrent Ultra Accelerator.

We can call Ultra Accelerator an addon for uTorrent. It seamlessly works with the torrent client. Its download size is about 2.5MB. It upgrades our searching and enables uTorrent to get the maximum out of our internet connection.

The application is user-friendly beyond definition. The START button is already enabled and if uTorrent is already running, then all we have to do is minimize this application. Downloads are auto-resumed in case the internet gets disconnected in the middle of a download.

With the application you might not experience constant high instantaneous speeds but that is only because it is trying to get the best overall speed for a particular torrent. Overall it maintains constant speeds over longer intervals and reduces our overall downloading time.

Get uTorrent Ultra Accelerator today and help uTorrent squeeze the best out of your internet connection.


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