Reason for No Posts

A series of events has resulted in a dry run over the past few days.

For one, I have been out of town for the weekend with no access to a PC.

In addition to that my internet connection has been misbehaving and my PC hasn’t been too helpful either.

The server was down all of Sunday because it was overloaded and so this site was inaccessible. Not being in touch with my sites was also the reason I couldn’t restore this earlier.

And I have been out these past two days and so haven’t had much opportunity to make any post out here.

Things should roll back to normal now. So expect the regular schedule once again.

2 thoughts on “Reason for No Posts”

  1. Ah.. Now I know why I didn’t find your comments on my blog. B.T.W connection at my place is no good. It has been acting terribly slow.

    Gotta find out the reason!

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