Quickly launch Programs and perform Tasks with HotKeyz

I love my mouse, but even more I love using the keyboard. My experience is that once you start using the keyboard and keyboard shortcuts, you tend to work faster, thereby improving your productivity.

If you’re using Word, Excel or just about any application, you should learn to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. So, why not do the same with Windows and all other applications?

HotKeyz is a keyboard utility with hotkey control for executing other files, folders or RUN commands. Launch applications in a Normal, Minimized or Maximized State. The Parameter option gives you parameter control when launching another application like Internet Explorer and surfing to a specific site as parameter.

It also features default hotkeys for minimizing, maximizing, restoring or closing the active window. Launch your default e-mail window to compose a new email. Control your WinAmp without it being focused. Define memo type text and with a hotkey paste your text into your e-mails, documents etc. You can also paste special characters or the current date and time. Open and close your CD-Rom(s). Power off, shutdown, logoff or reboot your PC with a hotkey press. Start your screen saver, hide or unhide your desktop, taskbar or any desktop with a hotkey.


In fact, Hotkeyz is so powerful, that you just stop using your mouse and concentrate on using the keyboard. HotKeyz comes inbuilt with several keyboard mappings defined and you can either choose to delete these and / or add more to the lot.

My suggestion is to constantly review the shortcuts that you create and get rid of ones you don’t use so much and create new ones that you tend to use often.

Avoid using standard shortcut keys like Ctrl+S etc which are used in most programs to prevent conflict. Try to map keys that ensure optimum placement of your fingers. Try mixing keys from both sides of the keyboard.

And, lastly, don’t create too many shortcuts. If you have more shortcuts than you can remember, then you’ll end up being less productive than before!

So, will you give this software a shot? Already using HotKeyz? What has been your experience so far? Or, are you using any other software for the same?


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  1. The best of the many \”macro\” software out there. Small memory foot print, excellent options. four *s out of five.

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