Put Bad Behavior 2 on the Road….

Not literally of course.. 😉

Michael has outlined his roadmap for Bad Behavior 2.

As many of you are well aware, Bad Behavior is a plugin for WordPress (and many other software) which helps block spammers even before they attack you.

It has proved very very effective time and again to protect my blog from spam.

It also happens to be the plugin that sparked off my interest in WordPress plugin development when I released my Bad Behavior Stats plugin.

For those unaware, Michael has been developing Bad Behavior all by himself and has released the plugin for free. It will always be free, I’m sure, but I think we need to do our bit to help him know that we appreciate his work.

For that please do send in something his way to show that you support him in his development.

Our contributions will ensure that we keep him very very busy coding Bad Behavior 2 and get it out very soon 🙂