Protect your Email with Temporary Inbox

Ever register on a site and then find out that your inbox is clogged with emails from there? Hence, it is usually recommended that you signup at sites with a secondary email address.

Or, you can create a disposable email address at

A temporary inbox is a disposable email address, which doesn’t require registration and can be used to avoid spam. Use this email address in forums, lotteries, erotic sites or wherever. The spammers will never find out your private email address.

Why use

  • You want to stay anonymous
  • You hate spam in your own private inbox
  • Every time when you want to signup at an adult site with your daddy’s email address, you get "address already in use"
  • The mails will be deleted automatically after 6 hours
  • You can delete the mails manually as well
  • You don’t have to register the account first to use it
  • This service is faster than all other similar services

The additional feature that offers is a Firefox Extension, and IE Toolbar and a Opera Widget.

As for me, well I have never used a disposable email. And, I strongly advice against using one on any blog, because the blog developer may not be very happy about it.

Where do you use a disposable address, if you have?

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