Protect your blog from spam with Confident CAPTCHA

So you’re worried about spam bots attacking your site. You must have heard of CAPTCHA. Maybe even implemented it with the hope that it will stop those spam bots.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the fool proof solution, because spam bots are known to break these. So, CAPTCHAs tend to become even more confusion, with distorted lines and text and more.

Confident CAPTCHA™ is an easy to use, clickable picture CAPTCHA that stops spam and bots on websites by asking visitors to simply click on images, rather than decipher the warped and distorted text used in most CAPTCHA tests.

Picture CAPTCHA vs. text CAPTCHA

Confident CAPTCHA stops spam and bots on blogs, Web forms, new account registrations, ticketing websites, social networking sites and more. Our image-based CAPTCHA alternative: 

  • Eliminates the user frustration associated with ugly text CAPTCHAs
  • Reduces website abandonment
  • Increases online interactions
  • Stops spam,fraudulent registrations and other threats caused by bots
  • Improves the user experience, resulting in repeat visits

Confident CAPTCHA is available for PHP, ASP.NET, Python, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

It does not take up space on the Web page. Only a small button sits on the Web page and the CAPTCHA image grid appears as a fly-out or a light box when a user clicks the button.

Web developers and website owners can get Confident CAPTCHA for free by registering for an account here, which provides access to the API.

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