Print Only the Valueable Information with PrintWhatYouLike

Printwhatyoulike offers a new concept of printing only the useful information out of a website thus saving you time (perhaps money) and saving trees as well!

The site has a very straightforward interface, just type in the URL of the webpage you want to print out and the webpage opens with Printwhatyoulike’s sidebar which contains easy access to print options that paper print fans beg for!


The first thing you’ll notice is the instinctive highlight mode, where a red outline highlights whole paragraphs of text or can even intelligently outline a whole page of text!

In addition to the highlight mode you also have the ability to isolate your highlighted selection for printing or can remove parts that you don’t want printed, the ability   to fit to width , resize, Autoformat, remove backgrounds and images and even save files to either an HTML or PDF format are a few of the many options available!

Another cool feature is the ability to save clippings so that you can later rearrange and print them (however this function requires you to register on the site so that your clippings are saved for later retrieval)

All of these feature focuses on what you want printed rather than putting up with ads, empty areas and decorative yet useless headers, footers images etc. This also means you’ll be printing on less paper since you’re focusing on only the text (perhaps with a few necessary images of your choice) and you’ll be using less toner and less paper which ultimately leads you to saving your money and into helping the environment by having less trees cut down for your printer paper needs.

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