Presenting the New Look

Have been thinking of redesigning Techtites, which has pretty much maintained the same template since its launch.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for any good theme that I could use as a base. The search was complete when I came across Amazing Grace theme by Vladimir Prelovac.

The theme is extremely beautiful, as you can see and Vladimir has indeed done an excellent job for it.

However, there was and still is a lot that I had to do with the theme to make it shipshape.

For starters, I had to modify the sidebars. The theme has complete WordPress Widgets and Gravatar support as well as support for tags.

However, both the sidebars contained the same content. I prefer not using WordPress Widgets and instead handcoding my sidebars, which is exactly what I did.

I pulled out much of the sidebar contents from the original template.

I’ve added a second array of links at the top to the various categories which form a part of Techtites Daily.

I’ve also added tabber to this blog, which is responsible for the tabs that you see at the bottom of this post. It helps present a lot of information rather neatly. You can now view the related posts and latest posts in seperate tabs. I am currently working on displaying the most popular posts as well.

I also added Asides to this template. For those not aware, asides are similar to micro-posts that I display on my homepage. Learn how to create asides for your blog.

However, there still is a lot that remains.

For one, I need to create the custom page templates for archives as well as one for normal pages. I also plan on integrating OIO Publisher in the right sidebar where interested visitors can purchase 125×125 ads for extremely competitive rates.

I also need to change the rotating images in the top right of this page. I’m still debating what to replace that by.

I’m also looking for writers for this blog. As of now I can only offer a Google Adsense based sharing for the posts that you make. Once this blog starts to pull in some revenue, I should be able to pay per post or on a flat monthly basis. If you are interested in writing for Techtites, please contact me.

How do you like the new template? Do you have any suggestions on improving this still further? What would you like to see in terms of both design and content?


5 thoughts on “Presenting the New Look”

  1. There are a defined number of images, though I can tap into Flickr with some code.

    However, I’m not keep on Flickr because I have all personal photos stored there with no relevance to this site.

    Am hence thinking of dropping the images and putting something else there, still wondering what!

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