One Page to Rule Them All: PortalPanel Delivers the Best Home Page Experience

PortalPanel is a new website designed to address one claim. To be a page to rule them all. It is a free web-based online bookmarking tool that also features a Calendar app, a Library app, and an advanced RSS reader.


1. Bookmarking app for your web links and videos

First and foremost, PortalPanel is a bookmarking application. PortalPanel stores, labels and helps organize bookmarks so they can be retrieved for later use any time. The app boasts a unique link scanning feature that produces a picture thumbnail of each bookmarked page. Whether you have five bookmarks in your home folder or five hundred of them organized in fifty folders, nothing jogs memory better than a visual cue. While most web bookmarking apps will display your links as, well, links, PortalPanel will display all your links as pictures.

2. RSS Reader

With the death of Google Reader, most users, including me, have turned to Feedly. If you find that RSS is not for you, this is where PortalPanel’s News Reader comes in. It makes adding and combining all your favorite RSS feeds a breeze, essentially allowing each user to create their own unique news stream, including the ability to customize the way they receive and consume the news.

3. Calendar App

It supports scheduled events as well as to-do tasks and even provides a nice white space to just jot down random thoughts and ideas. The app integrates nicely with the rest of the PortalPanel tools.

4. Library App

If you love research and/or frequent libraries, this is for you. Library app is an old-fashioned (in the best way possible) information repository organized by country, region and/or state, and category. There are 24 categories, ranging from banks to travel, from car rental to local news, from sports to universities and government institutions. All entries are handpicked by the folks from PortalPanel

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