Play To Brings DNLA Sharing to Nokia Lumia

A new treat is in store for Nokia Lumia owners as the company releases a video streaming app. Nokia has just released a beta app that is designed for streaming video content from a Lumia device to a TV.

Users can download the beta Play To app that will work with a Nokia Lumia 710 or 800 and link it with any device that is DLNA which means the Digital Living Network Alliance, so a TV, Blu-Ray player or a laptop. The connection means you can link devices wirelessly and it is designed especially for streaming media content.

DLNA is nothing new to the smartphone world. Many Apple and Android devices already have the capability. It is increasingly important for manufacturers to emphasise how a smartphone can sit within the rest of peoples’ technology, so a tablet or a TV, PC or Mac, as smartphones get more powerful it becomes more important to share data between different platforms. A big deciding factor for people buying phone contracts today is how easily a handset can interact, either for sharing work, transferring photos or accessing multimedia from other sources.

The Nokia Lumia 800 comes with an 8 megapixel camera with an f/2.2 camera lens and a dual LED flash. It is capable of 720p HD video recording. The camera app allows you to set automatic settings for different scenes as well as setting a white balance to achieve colour correction. The video app has been criticised in some corners for not having a zoom function while recording. However when you shoot video in the day there is a depth of colour as well as sound quality but it does take the app a few seconds to adjust to a change in light and brightness settings.

The Play To app can be downloaded straight to the device and can then be used to stream any videos or pictures straight from the handset. It does not yet support music streaming, but Nokia says that is planned for a future update.

As Play To is still in beta, Nokia says they are looking for responses and feedback from users to the app. Now that it is available in the Windows Marketplace they want to encourage feedback as it will make the app perform even better and reduce any glitches or problems with interactivity or performance.

For Nokia the app will be big news as people look for more from the Finnish firm’s first Windows Phones. The link with Microsoft, and the fact that there is already a Xbox Live licence that comes with the handset means there is great potential for linking up with a console. More and more Xbox and PlayStation users are streaming through their console, thanks to existing apps like Netflix and Love Film, so having a smartphone link up with a console makes it even more integrated than many existing DLNA enabled phones. Nokia says that as well as music they are hoping to plan functionality that allows the handset to act as a DLNA Media Server. That would be increasing link up with an Xbox 360 and other similar devices.

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