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Personal Video Database (Multimedia Monday)

If you love collecting movies and TV series, then after a while you realize that you’re just lost in the huge collection. Your CDs and DVDs start piling up and those hard disks get full. Searching through them takes a decade!

You got two options. Tear your hair out in agony or turn to some software that will manage the ever growing collection.

With Personal Video Database you can catalog your movie collection fast and easy. Thought-out user interface and different database management function make it easy to create and manage big movie databases. Powerful filtering, grouping and sorting help you find movies very fast.

Personal Video Database

The program is expandable with plugins. There are already plenty of plugins included with the installation that can help you retrieve movie information from different Internet movie databases or other database formats.

Other important features of Personal Video Database include Loan management, full Unicode support and many more.

Download Personal Video Database

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