PerformancingAds (Money Monday)

PerformancingAds is the new initiative on the block for advertisements. The focus is on 125×125 advertisements which have found favorite with all publishers and advertisers.

PerformancingAds offers three different programs

For Advertisers

You can hunt for publishers and purchase a slot in the advertisement regions available on the site. All new users receive a $25 discount on ad purchases of greater than $100.

This is something I haven’t yet tried my hand yet. Not sure if I will end up becoming an advertiser. Have you advertised using PerformancingAds? What is the Return on Investment that you see?

Advertisers Learn More »

For Publishers

This is the reason I signed up for PerformancingAds. The bar of advertisements that you see in the rightmost sidebar is created by the PerformancingAds plugin that I have installed on the PerformancingAds blog.

Publishers Learn More »

For Affiliates

You can also earn money by becoming an affiliate for PerformancingAds.

How it works:
– Earn $10 for each new publisher or advertiser you refer
– Plus, earn 5% recurring revenue on all advertiser ad buys … for life.

Learn more about the Affiliate Program »

One feature I really love is the Exchange Ads. You can create your own 125×125 ads and display them on your own sites. This ensures that you fill the advertising space as well as easily integrate your own advertisements across your sites.

If you would like to display an ad on our site, then purchase an ad slot in the sidebar for only $2.5 weekly.


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