HOW TO: Boost Your Blog Traffic

For old and new bloggers alike, Paul writes a short HOW TO on increasing traffic to your blog. He covers Usability, Content, Technorati, Blog rings, Feedburner and few other tricks.

China reportedly shuts down blog

AP Reports that Chinese authorities have blocked a pro-democracy Web log after it was nominated for a freedom of expression award by a German radio station, a press freedom group said Thursday. The blog, titled Wang Yi’s Microphone, dealt with “sensitive subjects” and was maintained by a teacher from Sichuan province, Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said in a statement. Read the full story here …

Put Bad Behavior 2 on the Road….

Not literally of course.. 😉 Michael has outlined his roadmap for Bad Behavior 2. As many of you are well aware, Bad Behavior is a plugin for WordPress (and many other software) which helps block spammers even before they attack you. Please give me

Update I missed this, but Donncha has already taken care of this request 🙂 For those new to WordPress, in versions 1.5.x and below a nice feature for creating teasers was available while posting. Free Accounts Upgraded

For those who aren’t aware, PhotoBucket is a free image hosting service in the likes of Flickr. They have just upgraded the free services provided to users. You now have a free storage of 50MB and free bandwidth of 2500MB/month which should be more than enough for free users.