Oracle SQL Developer (Software Saturday)

Oracle SQL Developer is a free graphical tool that can be used to manage database objects, run SQL commands and execute PLSQL scripts.

The tool can be used by Developers and DBAs alike to run a number of pre-defined and custom built reports. SQL Developer aids database development and maintanence activities.

SQL Developer runs on Windows, Linux and MAC OSX platforms and can connect to Oracle Database versions and above.

The current version, SQL Developer 1.5, provides support for Versioning, Sub-Versioning and Source Control Systems (Concurrent Version Systems).

Oracle SQL Developer

SQL Developer is capable of the following tasks

  1. Create Connections
  2. Browse Objects
  3. Create Objects
  4. Modify Objects
  5. Query and Update Data
  6. Export Data and DDL and Import Data
  7. Schema Copy and Compare
  8. Process Commands
  9. Edit PL/SQL
  10. Run and Debug PL/SQL
  11. Run and Create Reports
  12. Migrate from Third Party Databases
  13. Version Files
  14. Review the Robust IDE

Features such as SQL Formatting, Schema Copy, Compare and Export come handy during development
and maintenance. Migration support for Sybase is another added feature.

Download SQL Developer 1.5

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