Gmail and Drive

Now send up to 10GB attachments with Gmail

Last month, Gmail rolled out the new compose interface. Today the Gmail team released a new feature to compliment this.

If you’re using the new compose window, within the next few days, you should be able to see a new button that lets you quickly link to files stored in your Google Drive.

Gmail and Drive

The current limits are around 25MB, so this will allow you to send files up to 400 times the size! Your recipients will always have access to the latest file since this is stored in your Google Drive.

The interface is smart enough to check for permissions on the files, so if you’re recipients don’t have access to the file, Gmail will prompt you to add them in.

Note that the upload limit is larger than the free storage space (5GB) given to each Google Drive user. You will need to purchase additional Google Drive storage to upload larger files.

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