Nokia XL Dual SIM

Nokia XL Review: Is it the durable Android Phone?

Nokia XL Dual SIM

Most of the Android phones look and feel fragile so the users have always wanted something that would be solid and latest in terms of technology. Nokia XL, one step further and larger than the previous model Nokia X, seems like the answer to the solution. The phone comes with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) which you can customize as per your needs.

Here’s our take on Nokia XL:-

The Good:

It’s a Dual SIM Android phone priced affordably at Rs. 10,500. The 5MP Camera comes with a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels which is pretty good for a phone. The Fastlane makes it convenient to access our recent apps. Just closed your Facebook App by mistake? Get back to it in a jiffy with Fastlane. It comes preloaded with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Plants vs Zombies, Skype. It comes with Nokia Store, so you could always download the apps you want.

The Bad:

The 786 RAM makes it a pain-in-the-system to add new apps because it fills up very quickly. The 5” screen makes it mandatory to have a high resolution but Nokia XL offers 480x800p (no apparent up gradation here!). The maximum 3G talk time is for 13 hours, which we believe could have easily been extended to 16 hours. The huge disappointment comes when you realize that Google Apps are not supported directly. In turn, it is synced with Nokia’s parent company.

The Ugly:

Weighing 190 gm, the phone is a bit bulky to carry around. Imagine taking it out frequently out of your pockets – not a smooth movement at all. The device comes with a sturdy body which is 10.9 mm thick. Though the back body has a slope for an easy grip, still the phone is not a catch when it comes to holding. The vibrant colours of the model might add a style but the slickness of an android phone is definitely missing.


  • Main camera sensor: 5 MP
  • Display size: 12.7cm
  • Processor name: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4
  • Maximum talk time (3G): 13h
  • Maximum music playback time: 37h
  • Photo sharing: Twitter; Facebook; Send as email attachment; Share over Bluetooth
  • Social apps: Facebook; Twitter; WeChat; Viber; Skype

Our Final Word:

Nokia has always been looked at as a reliable brand. Trying to give the customers an economically priced Dual SIM Android Phone with a lasting user life was an absolute challenge. Buy Nokia XL at the best available price form Dealstan. With a few innovations, they have succeeded in meeting the end result half-way. It would constantly be compared to Nokia Lumia and that’s not an easy benchmark. It is predicted that the developed world wouldn’t be much on the lookout for Nokia XL, but in a developing country like India, it will surely find its audience and make a mark.

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