New Downloads Section on Techtites

Over the last few years at Techtites, we’ve covered several posts on Excel as well as tiny utilities that made life simple. These have remained in the posts and well, not everyone drops into every post!

So, I finally decided to dedicate a separate section on this blog to all these home grown files along with a link to the corresponding post.

I give you the Techtites Downloads. You’ll find the link in the menu at the top. Currently, there are only six downloads. But, over time I plan on adding several more for your use.

I also have a few other plans including redesigning the sidebar which isn’t the most pleasing to look at. I’m strongly inclined towards a single column sidebar along the lines of the Recent Posts portion you see out there.

As usual, I’m open to any kind of feedback to improve this blog and increase the popularity, get more feed readers etc. Also, how would you like to follow the new Techtites Twitter account?

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