Muziic: A Great Online Music Application For iPhone/iPod

In addition to letting us listen to our favorite songs, the internet is a wonderful way to discover new music. We can tune into countless radio stations genre-wise and discover new bands and artists. Similarly we use YouTube and its user ratings on v

ideos to check out any videos which are of interest. The same procedures can be repeated for songs we already like and want to have a listen to.

Now these features will be available on the go to iPhone and iPod Touch users via the great application Muziic.

Muziic is a free iPhone plus iPod Touch application sized at only 0.3MB. It lets its users do exactly what I mentioned above: tune into countless radio stations and browse YouTube videos. The application supports both WiFi and 3G connections. Not only can be browse music and listen to it, we can also save and sort our music for later listening.

We can sort our music into albums and create our playlists as well. Muziic also presents us with Featured Track, a feature through which the application suggests music to us. This can save us quite some time if we are looking for new music.

Although I was unable to use the application personally, going through the comments brought my attention to some of Muziic’s properties which I think should be further worked on by the developers. For instance when the phone goes into Lock mode, the video being played ceases to play and its audio can no longer be listened to. Keeping the phone out of Lock mode will drain its battery faster. One obvious solution is to let the audio keep playing while the video stops playing in Lock mode.

If you plan to use or have already used Muziic, let me know what you think via the comments.

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