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As a website owner or a blog runner, your number one priority is to get the maximum amount of traffic on your site possible. And how does one systematically do that? By monitoring your traffic and checking which additions/changes to your site attract internet users and which repel them.

Having your blog/site tracked can become a money demanding matter, but not if you use Clicky.


What is Clicky? Clicky is a traffic monitoring tool for you blog and websites. What is Clicky’s best feature? It gives you Real-Time web stats; which means when you log into Clicky you can see your blog’s/site’s traffic status right up to that very minute!

To use Clicky, you first need to register for an account and add the websites or blogs you want monitored. Once you do that Clicky does the rest, and you just check your stats.

To test out Clicky I made up an account on it and added a recently created blog which I’m planning to launch. Here’s how Clicky showed up the related stats to the blog:


To the top-left you can see a link which enables you to add more websites to monitor. To the right, you see a graph which shows the traffic your site has attracted on that day, by default. Since the monitoring just began, there were no net today’s results and the view opened up was of the past 30 days. Other time periods are also available:


Clicky also lets its users see exactly how much of each type of traffic is being attracted to their site. For example check out the following image from Clicky’s website:


You can see what percentage of your traffic was via bookmarks, was by advertising, searches, social media, and more. This can immensely help you analyze what is directing traffic to your site the most.

Clicky can also lets you see what percentage of the visitors on your site are from specific areas:


This feature can play an important role especially in understanding the audience your site is attracting.

With all these free features and many more, Clicky becomes an awesome tool which every website owner or professional blogger should have in his arsenal.

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