Money Making Monday: Get paid to surf

Everyone has been waiting long for the release of the Agloco‘s Viewbar which enables you to get paid for surfing sponsored sites and pages. Now after surfing a lot on internet, I found out a hidden and new website which also pays to surf sponsored pages but without installing anything or waiting for any release. 😀

AdBux.org , a website which pays to be on a sponsored site or page for 30 seconds. It pays 1 cents for staying 30 seconds on the page and in a day there are total of 25 such sites and pages listed. It’s another amazing feature is the affiliate program, here you can earn whatever the person referred by you earns. 🙂

Now the question arises that How much can I earn in a month from this AdBux.org ? The amount is not to big but its enough to waste 5 minutes daily on the internet. You can earn a total of $77 with 10 referred friends through the affiliate program.

The measure stat which AdBux.org gives:

  • You click 25 ads per day = $0.25
  • 10 referrals click 25 ads per day = $2.50
  • Your weekly earnings = $19
  • Your monthly earnings = $77

And they will make the final payment via Paypal on request of your with a minimum balance of $5 i.e. one week work.

I guess its not bad getting $5 without any referrals and $19 with 10 referrals per week for just giving 5 minutes surfing sponsored pages. 😉 Now I’ve tried it myself and got $15 by date with 13 referrals (I’ve also got the payment of $10 by Paypal) .

This is a good past time by the time Agloco’s Viewbar is released pubically. 🙂 So just goto Adbux.org and signup there!

Note : Hi, My name is Rishi and I am thankful to Ajay for giving me the opportunity to blog @ Techtites. I maintain a tech blog and call it Rishiraj. I hope that you will like my posts over here and the once already @ Rishiraj. 😀


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