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MoFuse (Mobile Monday)

Ever since I activated GPRS on my N73, I’ve been hunting for something to make my blogs mobile friends. There are quite a few WordPress plugins that would achieve the job, however, I remained unsatisfied with them. Then I stumbled upon MoFuse.

MoFuse is a service that helps you convert your blog into a mobile compatible view besides offering a host of other services.

Some of the main features that MoFuse offers you:

  • Custom Domain: This in my opinion is one of the best features that MoFuse has on offer. You can map your own domain or subdomain to your MoFuse URL. You will need to edit the DNS settings of your domain in order to take advantage of this feature. e.g. You can browse this blog at http://m.techtites.com/ from your mobile.
  • Monetize your blog: You can display ads on your mobile website. MoFuse allows you to place ads from Google Adsense and AdMob.
  • Custom Logo: Add your own custom logo that will display at the top of your mobile site.
  • SMS Widget: Visitors from the USA can enter their mobile phone number and be sent a message with your mobile site URL.
  • Mobi Badge: Alternatively, you can display a badge linking to your mobile site.
  • Automatic Redirect: This is my favorite feature after the custom domain. MoFuse provides you with PHP code than will automatically redirect visitors browsing your site on their mobiles to your mobile site.

Besides this you can also edit colors, add content like pages, header text, links and even a comment widget.

This is definitely a go for anyone seriously interested in making their blog accessible to mobile users as well.

You can visit us at http://m.techtites.com/ from your mobile. Are you using MoFuse? Post your URL to your mobile site. What are the features that you are using at MoFuse? Have any tips for the readers of Techtites? Comment below.

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