Mobile TV: The Doorway to the Future

It’s not too difficult to see that technology is changing at an incredible pace. Within just the past few years, mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, have gone from being new technology to being owned by a majority of consumers. Mobile technologies are shaping the way we interact with certain content, such as websites and desktop applications. One area of particular note influenced by this shift to mobile is in television.

Mobile TV: The Devices

For years, video entertainment was bound to large screens stationed permanently in living rooms across the world. Services like YouTube and Hulu have brought TV to the computer screen, and our computer content is now being ported to mobile devices. It comes as no surprise then, that video content is now more prominent on mobile devices than ever.

With the increase in mobile devices and network uses in recent years, mobility coverage has gotten better than ever, and cell network signals are available almost everywhere to access streaming video over the Internet. Mobile devices are now able to play almost any type of video file. Nicer screens make videos look better than ever, and rival big screen TVs in their resolution.

Mobile TV: The Content

Apps, scaled down version of full-blown computer applications, are the standard medium of mobile devices. Mobile TV apps exist on all of the major operating systems, and are available from the Internet’s biggest video content providers. Many app stores also offer popular media, like music, books, TV shows, and movies for sale. Movies and TV shows are available for download or streaming on the go, or to be downloaded at home and then viewed later on mobile devices.

Traditional TV manufacturers have picked up on this trend, and offer “smart” TVs with build in apps, essentially bringing video content from mobile platforms to traditional TVs. This highlights a shift in content sources – rather than bringing traditional TV content to mobile devices, most content has moved to online stores for mobile devices, and has to be brought back to traditional TVs to be viewed. Internet connected set-top boxes also stream media from the web or mobile devices to your TV, making it easy to store content on your tablet or phone, and view it on your TV when at home.

Mobile TV: The Transition

Mobility TV is the future of video entertainment. Portability and increased offerings in content selection will make mobile platforms the leader in TV entertainment. Although traditional TVs still dominate the market, mobile devices are on a rapid rise, and will be the TV of the future.


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