There is still a lot of hype circulating the operating system of Windows Phone 7 series. Third party developers are eager to get their hands on any bit of detail about the Windows Phone 7 OS so that they can prepare themselves for better application


At the MIX 2010, Microsoft had explained that the OS will be heavily driven by the user interface; they also said that minute details had been paid attention, all to enhance the user interface and the user’s experience.

Now Microsoft has released the icons that will be used in the OS. It is precisely what developers had been looking for – a bit of detail to assist them in creating application for the OS.

The icons’ pack contains 64 icons: 32 light and 32 dark, in *PNG format, with a vector-graphics option for importing to Microsoft Blend.

The icons have a clear sans serif font designed Microsoft itself. By considering that they decided to create their own font, one can calculate the extreme attention being paid to detail by Microsoft. A better, clearer icons’ font will surely complement the overall user interface.

The icons pack is nearly 260KB in size and can be downloaded here. Take a look at them and decide for yourself if they will be a valuable addition to the Windows Phone 7 OS.

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