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Microsoft files for RSS Patent!

In a startling revelation, Microsoft had filed for two patents covering technology used to organize and read syndicated Web feeds, such as those delivered via the widely used Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, family of formats reports C|Net.

This follows Google’s attempt to patent ads in feeds.

Filed on June 21, 2005, the first covers “finding and consuming Web subscriptions in a Web browser.” and the second titled “content syndication platform”, appears to describe a system that can break down feeds into a format that can be accessed and managed by many different types of applications and users.

Little wonder we have Dave Winer angry about this. Not just Dave, but several bloggers and other persons are critical about this move. I am sure as news of this spreads, we can have a real set of angry persons.

Microsoft’s policies have always drawn flak from users worldwide, however this time the Redmond giant has taken it a step to far!


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