MetisMe App Review: How it brings your Gmail attachments together

This is a guest post by the MetisMe team.

Statistics reflect that over 6 billion email attachments are exchanged every day across the globe, and on an average working day, an individual spends almost 30% of his working hours dealing with emails. This includes sorting emails, finding email attachments, organizing and managing them, and sharing and saving them on various cloud drives for a handy access. These mundane tasks result in up to 20% decrease in productivity and a backlog of daily tasks. To solve such issues and many more, MetisMe Attachments App comes into the picture.


What exactly is MetisMe?

MetisMe Attachments App is basically a Gmail extension – an app that works with Chrome, Firefox, and iOS – that operates by sitting right inside your Gmail. It is a game changer because it lets you search through, organize, and manage all your email attachments in one of the most efficient and quick ways.

What does MetisMe do?

Once it is downloaded and installed, MetisMe creates a “Files” tab inside your Gmail and neatly collates all your Gmail attachments in it. You can then select multiple files and forward, download, upload on cloud, or delete them all together in one go.

Multi Functions

The MetisMe dashboard sits right inside every email so that you can perform multiple actions without any hassles.

MetisMe Dashboard

It also allows you to set rules to auto-transfer files to your preferred cloud drives – currently supports Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive. This means that you set the rules and MetisMe bot follows it for the future. You can also modify or delete the rules whenever you want. If you choose not to automate file sharing, then you can manually share heavy files to cloud storage, and can delete bulky mails from your Gmail, thus leaving your Gmail clutter-free.

Automate file sharing with MetisMe

Who is it for?

MetisMe is one such app that is useful for everybody from designers, to law firms, HR consultants, advertising and media professionals, sales professionals, bloggers and writers, and so on. It manages over 12 million attachments daily, and is a real time saver.

Features in a snapshot

  • All email attachments stacked together in one folder
  • Shows you separate tabs for files sent and files received
  • Makes it super quick and super easy to search for email attachments
  • Lets you add notes to your conversations so that you do not forget anything ever
  • Allows you to clip conversations to Evernote for easy reference
  • Lets you set auto-rules and directly share files on cloud
  • MetisMe uses 256 bit encryption from servers to Gmail – something that top-notch banks and financial institutions use. So your privacy is protected.
  • Saves up to 4 hours every week by eliminating mundane tasks of managing attachments manually

The Final Word

If you’re using Gmail the 90’s way, it’s time you explore it the MetisMe way. MetisMe is best explained when tried for real. Experience the AWESOMENESS and increase your productivity and efficiency by managing your email attachments like a PRO.

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