Maximize Your Twitter Search Results with Scoopler

Having recently jumped onto the Twitter band wagon – I quickly came to realize that Twitters simplicity is also its downfall.

Sure you can place tweets on your personal space for others to view but after a little while you’ll realize you need to talk with other on topics that are current, primarily because that’s how you’ll meet other people too!

However, for a content heavy site like Twitter it boasts one of the most weakest search functions I’ve ever seen on any website. You’ll always get a very limited number of results and at the rate twitter posts update themselves your search results will most probably outdated by the time you read them!

That’s where Scoopler comes in, in essence Scoopler is how Twitters search engine should’ve been!

All you need to do is put in a search item in scooplers Search field and hit enter, Not only will scoopler track the number of searches you’ve made , it also display the hot topics currently being discussed on twitter and the best part is the `live update’ feature! After every 10 second or so Scoopler updates itself to see if there’s anything new being added that matches your search terms. (which in Twitters case is almost always true!)


The new information is then automatically scrolled down and you can keep tabs without hitting `search’ every minute just to follow the flow of a conversation!

But the update doesn’t just stop with twitter Scoopler also checks digg,, Flickr and others and if it finds anything related to your search it scrolls it into the result page!

Its an amazing utility that Twitters creators should seriously consider implementing themselves!

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