Maximize games in FireFox with Flash Game Maximizer

If you’re addicted to Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom or Cafe World, then you’ll love this FireFox addon.

Flash Game Maximizer will allow you to maximize (almost) any Flash content to the entire browser window as the click of a button.

The addon also recognises F12 as the key to maximise the flash content.

Flash Game Maximizer

The Flash content is then reloaded in the full browser window, causing it to resize along with the window (with or without enforced aspect, or scaled to one of the predefined percentages). This allow you to play your favorite Flash games, or view other Flash content, in whatever size you like, even including the Firefox full-screen mode, where you can enjoy your Flash game with that “real-game” feeling that can only be achieved by dedicating 100% of your screen to the action.

Download Flash Game Maximizer

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