Manage your cloud storage with DragonDisk

For a brief period of time I had an account with Amazon S3, which I mainly used as a test for a project I was working on. The biggest problem I faced then and which is still prevalent is the ability to easily use the interface to move files to and fro your computer.

DragonDisk makes file management simple if you’re using Amazon S3® or Google Cloud Storage®, or any other S3 API compatible service. DragonDisk allows you to backup, share and organize your data thanks to an intuitive interface similar to Windows Explorer or Finder.


 Key features:

  • Full fledged file manager with cut and paste, drag and drop support
  • Folders synchronisation
  • Metadata editor (custom HTTP headers)
  • Files integrity control
  • Client Side Compression and encryption support : AES 128/192/256; Blowfish; 3DES

DragonDisk v1.05 for Windows
DragonDisk v1.05 for Mac OS X
DragonDisk v 1.05 for Linux
Other downloads

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