Maluuba is your personal assistant app for Android and Windows 8

iPhone and iPad users have enjoyed Siri for a long time. It’s a good alternative to typing out those boring phrases and also be good fun if you’re bored and just want to chat to your phone.

Android and Windows users haven’t enjoyed a feature as good as this. Google Now is a good option for Android users. But, I’m sure you want more.


Maluuba is the most advanced voice based personal assistant on Android that allows users to speak naturally to find restaurants, businesses, events, and organize their calendars, reminders, and alarms.

Maluuba currently supports 18 different categories ranging from entertainment  (restaurants, movies, local events, music) to social (facebook, twitter) to organization (calendar, call, email). In order to provide all the above information, Maluuba has partnered with industry leading content providers like Yelp, Google Places, Wolfram Alpha, Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia and many more.

I gave Maluuba a test run to find restaurants,  movies near my house in London and it did a pretty good job of the same. I tried different combinations of words and phrases.

The app was able to easily understand my style of talking. It won’t understand names because they aren’t part of natural speak, so if you’re searching for yourself, it won’t work. However, it will do a good job of finding you everything else!


  • Custom Widget to ask Maluuba for help straight from your home screen
  • Hungry? Search for restaurants with Maluuba with questions like “Where can I get a cheeseburger?”
  • Get directions to places you’re looking for
  • Shop in Maluuba with queries like “Show me some great skirts that cost around $50”
  • Ask for movie showtimes and watch trailers through the app
  • Set Reminders easily! E.g. “Remind me to buy milk on Tuesday at 8pm”
  • Create Alarms through voice like ‘Wake me up tomorrow at 8am’
  • Ask general, knowledge questions and get exact results
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Ask queries like ‘where can I get a toothbrush?” or ‘where can I practice yoga?”

Download for Windows Phone 8
Download for Android
International version

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