Making Fonts Made Easy With FontStruct

We all love fonts, don’t we? Stylish designs in which we can write our text. Ever thought about creating fonts of your own, with your designs? FontStruct will make it easy. recently launched its new web 2.0 service called FontStruct. FontStruct is a free font-building tool.
FontStruct allows you to quickly construct fonts by using geometrical identities arranged in a grid base.


FontStruct’s custom font making feature is powered by its inline graphic tool which helps adding geometrical figures, shapes etc. to lower and upper case of the font you are making. While drawing font figures, in FontStruct referred as ‘FontStructions’, the tool lets the user see adjacent figures and relating shapes to make the font creation easy.


FontStruct also allows the user to refer to some pre-made fonts for shape or mods suggestion. The drawback here is that the pre-made fonts are not listed in categories, making it hard for the user to check the correct pre-made font.
When its done, your ‘fontstruction’ created by the so called ‘fontstructor’ tool is saved and a high quality True-Type font is generated ready to be used.



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