Make Free Internet Calls with Free2Fone

If you are looking for a free P2P (Peer-2-Peer) internet telephone application then check out Free-2-Fone. It’s a free software that lets you make free calls to anyone in the world. All you need is a computer, good internet connection and latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework (Download here). If it’s not installed already, it will open the microsoft website automatically and takes you to the link. Free-2-fone’s interface is very simple and it automatically alerts you through a pop-up windows if there’s a incoming call.

Features Include:

  • Under 10MB of system memory during calls, and less than 2MB when inactive.
  • Compact and simple interface.
  • Minimizes to a system tray icon.
  • Auto pop-up when a call is incoming.
  • Online directory of Free-2-Fone users (electing to be listed).
  • Personal Rolodex to store and speed-call Free-2-Fone users.
  • Received, dialed and missed call tracking.
  • In-call timer.
  • Ringer control, auto-ignore, and do-not-disturb settings.
  • Configurable sound input and output devices.


Download Free-2-Phone


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