Maintain your notes with NoteFly

Windows Vista’s sidebar includes the note gadget which I use to take quick notes. Many of the note applications that I have come across have usually been shareware.

On the hunt for an excellent sticky note application, I came across NoteFly. NoteFly is a tiny application that allows you to create sticky and non-sticky notes.

The program is feature rich (check out the list below) and doesn’t touch your Windows registry. Creating notes is quick and painless and you can customize several aspects including the appearance of the notes.

NoteFly Sendto Menu


  • Very small application. Less than 100kb setup if .NET framework 2.0/Mono is installed. (Windows Vista and above includes this)
  • Change color of notes
  • Make note stick on top
  • Make notes transparent
  • Create e-mail of note
  • Send note to Facebook
  • Send note to Twitter
  • Resize notes how big or small you want it
  • Some syntax highlight for notes that have code
  • Fully xml based (does not need windows registry, except for running on logon)

Download NoteFly from FreewareFiles
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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