Locate Places Around The World The Easy Way With TinyMap

Are you trying to locate a place you have not been before? Or perhaps you need to give your friends the directions to your house? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could use maps. Maps are an excellent way to mark your position and locate where your destination is. Like many other things today, maps have been ported to the internet.

If you are looking for a practical online maps tool, then Tinymap is definitely an option worth exploring.

Tinymap is an online map service. It is completely free to use and it lets you view and modify maps in a number of helpful ways.
You can start by entering the location’s coordinates or area in the location box.

After you locate the area you can set waypoints to mark out a territory or highlight a path. Waypoints of different colors can be placed to indicate different paths and areas.

Points of interest can also be added to a map. These points of interest are highlighted by icons. After placing an icon you can add notes and details to it; when the mouse is hovered over the icon your entered details are shown.

The site generates a unique URL for the maps you create. You can choose to keep the map private by setting a password for it.

In addition to a unique URL you can get your map’s embeddable code or KML file to use with Google Earth.

A feature-rich website, Tinymap will serve all your online map creation needs.

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