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In 2012, an EC study revealed that only 39% of people in the UK can speak another language. The story isn’t different in many other countries either.

But, there is great enthusiasm to learn a foreign language. If you’re an Android user, LingLing attempts to help you in this task.



  • Learn by playing an exciting and beautiful game in HD
  • Create your avatar from over a billion of combinations and go with him through this amazing adventure
  • Discover all the secret Achievements and hidden bonuses
  • 20 times faster learning than traditional methods – 750 new words each month
  • Database of 21.000+ Words in 3 difficulty levels, and still growing (1,500 for free)
  • Already translated into 18 languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Tagalog, Hindu, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic)
  • Compete with other people – Challenge your friends
  • Share your progress – show people how fast you are becoming better each day!

The apps are completely free and you get 1,500 words for free. You can buy additional language packs. Learning a language by playing games definitely makes it a lot more interesting and fun. It will require you to have a good level of dedication to learn a few words a day.

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