Killer WordPress resources for everyone!

Ever wanted to start your own blog or website and weren’t quite sure how to? Well here’s your chance to take the dive into the WordPress world.

There are quite a few different ways to setup your own website and countless blogging platforms that you can use. WordPress is one such CMS (Content Management System) that you can use to do both.
Here at Techtites we use WordPress for all our blogging needs.

Anyway, onto the point of this article: Here are some of the best places to get the information you need on how to get your own WordPress blog / site up and running. Right from a basic blog to the facy-ass stuff you’ll see on SmashingMagazine, everything can be accomplished using WordPress and it’s really not that hard either.

  • How to create a WordPress theme from Scratch Part 1 & Part 2 .
  • In the Woods – WordPress tutorial Section :
    I’ve linked you to the 3rd page in the category, mainly because you can start right from the beginning. These guys have 18 videos teaching you how to use WordPress and customize it to suit your needs and quite a few more articles that will help you become a WP genius.
  • How to make a creative Blog layout in Photoshop : Ok so this isn’t entirely code related, but if you’re making your own WordPress blog, here’s a good place to get some visual inspiration / insight into how to designing it as well.
  • The WordPress Codex : Once you get a little more comfortable with WordPress, this will be your go-to place for almost everything. The WordPress codex has everything you will need to help you tweak your blog into being the most epic blog in the universe.
  • SmashingMagazine’s WordPress section:  This place not only has some pretty interesting articles on how to make WordPress better for you but it also has a truckload of free themes that you can try out and then customize once you get a hang of things.

There are also quite a few other places where you can get WordPress related information, but if you go through the links I posted above, you should be all set to create the next best selling WordPress theme on – Themeforest.

Also, once you have your very own WP blog / site  setup, please don’t forget to check out our WP section for tips & tricks and tools to help make your WP experience even better.

Where do you go for your dose of WP ‘Gyaan’.

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