Keep your WordPress database tidy with WP Database Cleaner


Over a period of time your WordPress blog’s database will end up collecting a lot of clutter. This is especially prominent if you’ve been running your blog for a few years and if it has heavy activity.

Clutter includes auto drafts, post revisions, spam, trash and useless tags. Cleaning all this manually is a painful effort. Which is where WP Database Cleaner does the trick.

WP Database Cleaner is a easy to use WordPress plugin that allow users to cleanup and optimize the WordPress database by removing all spam comments, trash comments, unused tags, post revisions, auto drafts, and much more.

WP Database Cleaner

Key features:

  • Delete post revisions
  • Delete auto drafts
  • Delete pending comments
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete trash comments
  • Delete tags with 0 posts associated
  • Delete categories with 0 posts associated
  • Delete trash posts

Download WP Database Cleaner

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