Jailbreaking iPad with Spirit

Do you remember how long it took for the iPhone to be jailbroken? Although a jailbreaking method existed prior to it, another jailbreaking method was discovered 3 months after the original iPhone’s release. Since then we have been seeing constant new

releases of jailbreaking tools and methods for iPhone and iPod devices.

The developers which create these jailbreaking techniques and tools were on the edges of their seats when the iPad was announced. Perhaps it was then that they started gathering all the required information about iPad’s OS. They must have had quite an early start considering that they released a jailbreaking tool for the iPad less than 24 hours of the device’s release.

Yes you read that last sentence correctly. MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has just posted a tweet which confirms that iPad has been jailbroken in less than 24 hours of release. This according to him has been achieved through a cross-team effort with Chronic Dev Team, comex and chpwn. They even have a video of it on YouTube.

The jailbreaking tool has been named Spirit and currently no release dates have been announced. Many users believe that the tool should stay with the developers until the next iPad OS comes because if Spirit is released earlier, the new iPad OS might have a patch against it.

The iPhone Dev Team’s effort can be seen in a YouTube video here. Their jailbreaking programming skills are truly laudable.


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