iPad International Release Date Announced

Our friends in the US will face no problems purchasing an iPad. No matter which version they purchase, either the Wi-Fi or 3G version, they will face no availability problem. But us and everybody not in the US, has to have an iPad imported by a frien

d to their country. This is so because Apple has not yet released their latest device abroad. But that is soon about to change.

Apple has announced the preordering and release dates of the iPad for international buyers. Unlike the US release, we all have both the Wi-Fi and 3G version available for purchase from the start.

People in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and UK can start preordering their iPads starting from May 10th. Buyers in these countries can purchase the iPads beginning from May 28th.

European prices for the devices have been released and are as follows:

  • iPad 16GB Wi-Fi – 499€
  • iPad 32GB Wi-Fi – 599€
  • iPad 64GB Wi-Fi – 699€
  • iPad 16GB 3G – 599€
  • iPad 32GB 3G – 699€
  • iPad 64GB 3G – 799€

Starting from July, people in Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore will be able to buy iPads. The exact preorder dates, release dates, and prices for these countries will be announced later.

The international release was delayed by a month due to high demand of the device within the US itself. With this step finally taken, iPad’s market will now increase. More success for Apple.



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