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Introduction to VPN on Mobile Phones

If you have a mobile phone or portable PC then you essentially have a full computer—one that is open to security threats, just as your laptop or desktop.  How many times do you access bank sites or other sites that store passwords?  Probably more often than you are comfortable admitting!  This is why it is strongly recommended that you seek out VPN for mobile phones.

Mobile Phone

A VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network, which is usually established for your home or work Internet account.  However, there is also a way to secure even a mobile PC device using what is called a mobile virtual private network.  The VPN mobile host provides access to network resources and or software applications  on a home network, even when the user connects to other networks.

All right, so let’s say you avoid using portable devices for bank transactions.  Still, you have to consider how often users keep application sessions open for hours on end, as they go about their day and connect to a variety of wireless networks.  They may also encounter gaps in coverage or suspend-and-resume their connection, depending on where they go and how much battery power they have left.

Actually, VPN mobile phones are required to secure a mobile connection, as a regular VPN host cannot establish security if the network tunnel is continually disrupted because of ending and restarting sessions.  (Regular VPN could easily cause computer crashes, disconnects or time outs)

Therefore, a special mobile VPN must be established so that even public mobile devices are completely safe.  Obviously, this great technology assists industries such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, field service management, utility companies and even traveling contractors or self-employed persons who may have to access different public Internet hotspots a number of times in an any given day.

In addition to a secure connection, other advantages come from VPN hosting for mobile units.  These advantages include the ability to mask your true IP address (meaning you cannot be banned by a country or logged by sites), you can unblock various VOIP applications, you can unblocked banned websites and you can surf the Internet anonymously.

We are entering a new age of mobile technology, so it is imperative that you prepare yourself for a safe future by signing up with a VPN host for mobile units.  Why not ask a trusted company for information on how to claim a free VPN trial?

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