Internet Explorer 9 with Tracking Protection

Almost every site on the web today has some kind of tracking inbuilt, be it the simple ads that you see or the pieces of code to track site visits or even the social networking buttons. Some may retain this information as you browse from site to site, while others don’t. The power to choose who to stop tracking is present, but is limited with most browsers requiring some kind of an addon / plugin.

The new Internet Explorer 9 brings this feature to you inbuilt into the browser.

But, the new IE’s features do not stop just there. Internet Explorer 9 has many new features including:

  • A new JavaScript engine which isn’t as fast as Chrome 4 or Opera 10, but is very close
  • HTML5 support, the new standard of the web
  • Addon performance manager to get rid of those memory hogging addons
  • Hardware accelerated text and graphics which now means you can play those crazy flash and shockwave games without realising it is in your browser
  • A clean interface that gives maximum focus to the content and not the browser!

This is still a beta so if you’re not the strong of heart, I suggest waiting a while. But, if you just can’t wait to see the beauty of the web, you can dive right in by following the links below.

Read more about Internet Explorer 9’s Tracking Protection
Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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