Incredible StartPage Tool for Chrome To Manage Bookmarks

I have used many websites that offer startpage services. In case you do not know what a startpage is, it is similar to the Opera internet browser’s Speed Dial. We are offered thumbnails views of the bookmarks we select. The objective is to make our m

ost frequented websites more accessible.

For a long time my favorite startpage tool had been Fav4 which is a startpage website. But after I discovered and used Incredible StartPage, I knew that I would never use Fav4 again.

Incredible StartPage is a browser extension for the web browser Google Chrome. This extension lets us set our startpage in a very unique way. Along with having our selected bookmarks on the startpage, we also get our recently closed tabs and notes.

Once we install the extension we are shown a page which describes the extension and suggests other Chrome extension by the same developer.

To get started with setting our startpage, we need to open a new tab.

Starting from the top, the yellow notepad lets us take down notes in a font which I like.

After we take down a note, we can even post it to Gmail using the link at the bottom right of the notepad.

The CLOSED area shows us our recently closed tabs. Also, if we close a tab by accident, here is where we can recover it from. The box to the right of the CLOSED box lets us browse all our bookmarks.

If we want we can drag bookmarks from here to the main box to our right.

By default this window only has bookmarks from our Bookmarks Toolbar. But we can always add new shortcuts from the BOOKMARKS window in the startpage.

Apart from all these features, we can customize the theme of our startpage using the OPTIONS button which is located in the top right of our startpage.

If you are a Chrome user looking for a startpage solution, then do give Incredible StartPage a try. I am sure you will find it as greatly useful as I did.


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