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iDropCopy lets you synchronise your clipboard across your Mac and iOS devices

Software and services today are increasingly being powered by the cloud. Services like Dropbox (aff.) or Google Drive allow you to save your files in the cloud and synchronise across devices.

This works great, but if you’re find yourself copy pasting information between your computer and mobile devices, then you’ll need to rely to services like Evernote. If you already have Dropbox, and don’t want to try anything new, then check out iDropCopy.


iDropCopy shares your copied data and links with your Apple iOS devices and Mac OSX using Dropbox file sharing service. iDropCopy service allows you to store 25, 50 or 100 copied items. For efficiency it tracks for duplicate copied items and ignores them.

To use the software you’ll need to download the app for your iOS device and the software for your Mac OSX.

iDropCopy iOS iDropCopy OSX

Copy the normal way you do on your Macs (cmd+c) or iOS devices and iDropCopy service will automatically copy to your other devices. With auto copy to clipboard enabled all you have to do is copy an item on one of your device’s and iDropCopy service copies that item to other device’s clipboard. There is nothing special you have to do, it works seamlessly without any effort.

iDropCopy service on Mac OSX by default checks every second for newly copied items. iDropCopy settings does allow you to change the sync time interval per iOS device. Also it provides a manual sync setting for your iOS devices that you want to control the copied data manually.

iDropCopy is a paid app and retails for $0.99 for each version. If you find yourself frequently relying on a clipboard synchronisation then, this is well worth the price!

Download iDropCopy for your iOS device
Download iDropCopy for your Mac

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