Hundred Zeros

Hundred Zeros helps you find free Kindle books

I recently bought my wife a Kindle Touch. I’ve been really impressed by the quality of the product, the clarity of the screen and the battery life. We are yet to recharge it!

If you’re not picky about getting hold of the latest books, you have hundreds of books available for Kindle completely free to read. Many of these are out of copyright and you can get them from Gutenberg. However, a really good source for free books is Amazon itself.

If you’re looking to harness the power of Amazon without digging through their site, then Hundred Zeros is for you.

Hundred Zeros

Hundred Zeros is a collection of best selling eBooks that are currently free on Amazon. You can download and read any of these books on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, Kindle or inside your favorite web browser. The list is updated every hour.

The site gives you several options to find books. Either browse by genre using the extensive list to the right, or just quickly search for the book to see if it is available for free.

Where do you find your books for Kindle? Is this site going to be another one you’ll monitor daily?

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